Thursday, December 2, 2010

Notebook 1 - 1924 Piano Tuning

Undated letter probably from 1924

Mr. F. Schulze
Piano Tuner 1201 N. Lucerne Ave.

Dear Sir:

Will you kindly let me know what would be your charge for coming out here to tune my piano.
The Tuner who was in the habit of tuning for this district has been away in a sanitorium for some months on account of ill health, so that if it should be convenient for you to come out - by sending out circulars in advance you could probably do a day's work here. Halethorpe is the terminus of the Halethorpe & Wilkins Avenue Car Line of No. 9 Cars.

Yours Faithfully

L. D. Swindells

This is a very interesting letter to me in multiple ways. First either Lucy or her daughter Heather probably plays piano (Son Ian is deaf, so therefore, I'm assuming he most likely would not play piano.). In later letters Lucy references to Heather singing so she may play piano or Lucy may play for her. Secondly, I love Lucy's bold business sense in suggesting to the piano tuner that he could probably have an entire day's business if he sent flyers (or circulars) out prior to his visit. Lastly, it's interesting how Lucy describes to the Piano Tuner where she lives at the end of the letter ( I assume so he would know where to send circulars!). "Terminus" may refer to a train station or cable car station in Halethorpe MD area. I can't figure out if "No. 9 Cars" refers to trains or cable cars though. Have any thoughts?  - Carrie

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