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Notebook 1: Mrs. Carl Goodman and Mr. Andrews reprints

Feb. 4th 1925
Halethorpe M.D.
The Editor of the Elizabeth Journal

Dear Sir:

Many thanks for your letter of Feb. 2nd and enclosures, which explain why I never received any the papers as I had which I had asked for.

In my letter of Dec 22nd I enclosed stamps and asked for copies of the paper and to be sent only one letter, the one which I had received from Mrs. Andrews. The letter from Mrs. Carl Goodman I had have never seen before (and re-enclose). Mrs. Goodman apparently did not send stamps, so probably Miss Foote thought I had sent both letters, and dispatched the papers straight to Plainview.

I am nevertheless very anxious to see the notice & likeness of Mr. Andrews...

all of which I should like to keep so I hope you will kindly send me a paper or papers if there was more than one notice of his death, which as the others have already received theirs I need not send on to them and can keep for myself. 

Thanking you,
Yours Truly,
Lucy Derrick Swindells

Carrie's Notes: This is an interesting note from Lucy to the editor of the Elizabeth Journal. Somehow there was a mixup in the previous notes sent requesting copies of an obituary or story written about the former Rector Mr. E. H. J. Andrews. It sounds as if the paper knew Lucy wrote both letters (which makes sense as her handwriting is so distinguished and recognizable) and sent all copies to her instead of passing them along to Mrs. Goodwin. Lucy's letters often show her ability to look past her own flaws in order to not accept blame for mistakes. 

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