Sunday, May 14, 2017

Notebook 1: Mysteriously from Mrs. Carl Goodman

Jan 22, 1925

Mrs. E.H.J. Andrews
317 Beech St.
Plainview Texas

The Editor Eliz. New Jersey

Dear Sir: I have just seen the account of the death of Rev. E. H. J. Andrews of Plainsview former Rector 1917-1922 of All Saints Episcopal Church Elizabeth (Elmora) N. J. The Clipping was not dated but Mr. Andrews died Dec. 7th and the account was probably in your paper of the 9th or 10th. We have not here a picture of Mr. Andrews, and if you can... 

let us have the cut used with said article we should greatly appreciate it. Also Ms. Andrews would like to have one or more copies of your paper of the issue if you can spare from the files. I, acting editor (since Mr. Andrew's death) of the North Texas Adventure Diocesan paper, am anxious to have cut for use in ("Sam?"). Please send to me carriage collect. 

Yours very truly,

Mrs. Carl Goodman

Carrie's Notes: Located in the notebooks are several letters that Lucy must have penned for other people. I don't know how Lucy knew Mrs. Goodman, although I believe she may have known her husband when she lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey (before she moved to Maryland).  I don't know if Lucy penned these letters as a favor to friends or charged as an additional business venture. 

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