Sunday, November 28, 2010

Notebook 1 - A woman's social life is so fatiguing...

Undated partial letter ~ 1925? is a branch of All Saints presided over by Mr. Manning as also it is an hour's ride in the car each way to Baltimore and I find it so fatiguing that I cannot help dropping out of my former activities there.

With kind regards and all good wishes

Yours Sincerely,
Lucy Derrick Swindells

While this partial letter doesn't tell us much about Lucy's life per se, I find the language very amusing! It's such a cliche for women of earlier times to faint or be easily "fatigued." I suspect in general this is probably not the case for Lucy as she lives such a busy life.. it's still fun to "hear" her using the phrase to decline a social activity. - Carrie


  1. carrie keep 'em coming please. love love love these!

  2. Thank you both for reading them! I have enjoyed sharing these SO much!! :-) Lots more to come!!